Air Conditioning Ventilation

Ventilation of your air conditioning unit and the rest of your home is vital

We can design, install and commission all types of ventilation system whether for your fresh air requirements, odor extraction or fume’s. These can also be integrated within fresh air ‘heat recovery’ systems in the workplace or home and ‘ducted’ air-conditioning systems fully integrated within the building.

Is an Air Source Heat Pump Suitable for my Home?

Heat pumps are the most efficient source of heating available on the market today, whether or not it is the more favored Air to air or the recently introduced air to water. Heat pumps require an outdoor space where a unit can be installed, either on a wall or on the ground. The unit needs plenty of surrounding space in order to get a good flow or air.

Is your home well insulated? In order for the heating system to be as effective as possible, your home needs to be well insulated and draught proofed.

What fuel will you be replacing? This system will pay for itself far quicker it it’s replacing oil, direct electrical heating or coal, these can of course have the advantage of COOLING too.

Is the system intended for a new development? If so, combining the heat pump installation with other building work can reduce the overall cost of installing the system, think about solar PV, which can therefore provide FREE heating and cooling during daylight hours.

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