Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Servicing, breakdown   Repair

We offer a complete range of air conditioning maintenance, servicing and repair service for:
Air conditioning units
Ventilation Systems
Electrical Services
Heat pumps

Our specialist expertise allows us to give a tailored and personal service for your servicing and repair needs. Our bespoke approach to air conditioning maintenance option means that we can service and repair all types of properties from residential, commercial and industrial properties to leisure or educational premises.

As with all of our services here at Building Services Projects, we pride ourselves on our strong and resolute ethos towards customer care. As a result, we have built strong and long lasting relationships with our clients to keep their air conditioning in top condition throughout its breezy life. By offering a service that can help maintain all types and ages of air conditioning units, we’re suitable for a large range of clients and can repair, maintain and prevent a host of air conditioning issues. No matter what service you and your unit require, you can count on us to be professional and cost effective.

If you’re looking for a maintenance contract, it would:
Validate any manufacturers warranty
Enhance equipment life
Maximise performance and energy efficiency
Keep the air quality to a high standard
Comply with current regulation

BSP, Installation, Design + Maintenance Contractor Exeter, Devon

Electrical, Air-conditioning and Ventilation

Here at Building Services Projects, we are proud to offer a professional design and installation service for all air conditioning and electrical requirements. No matter if the job is big or small, we will always work our absolute hardest to ensure that your home or business receives a highly efficient, affordable and specially tailored air conditioning installation solution.

For both residential and commercial properties, we install nothing but the best and highest quality air conditioning units on the market from the best brands around: Daikin, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, LG and Sanyo. Not only do these air conditioning units all guarantee great efficiency to help bring down your bills, they’re also designed to fit in aesthetically with whatever room you choose to fit them in - long gone are the days of bulky, unattractive and loud systems. This installation process will only include necessary electrical work to ensure a tidily installed power supply ensuring maximum safety and efficiency for years to come.

BSP, Installation, Design + Maintenance Contractor Exeter, Devon


We have a passion for finding our customers the ideal solution to their ventilation needs through our ventilation systems which adapt to your building, office or home. Whilst proper ventilation is important in any building, providing sufficient ventilation for your working environment is imperative for productivity and happiness of staff. Fortunately, our incredibly skilled team of engineers have a wealth of experience in installing the correct and most appropriate ventilation system for your environment, conquering a host of issues such as:

Excess heat
Fumes, odour or smoke
Airborne infections
Water vapour
High carbon dioxide levels

BSP, Installation, Design + Maintenance Contractor Exeter, Devon

Electrical Services

We are experts in numerous electrical services, covering every aspect of the electrical system used for the installation of air conditioning and ventilation units. We professionally design and install control panels and all other electrical solutions related. Our expert team are forever being updated with all the relevant building regulations and services including ensuring that NIC/EIC electrical codes of practice and standards are always adhered to.
We use all the latest testing and inspection equipment, meaning that you can rest assured that Building Services Projects install the safest and most efficient electrical solutions at extremely competitive rates.

BSP, Installation, Design + Maintenance Contractor Exeter, Devon

Air Conditioning Servicing

Our fantastic air conditioning servicing department are determined to deliver the best service by providing our customers with regular checks and testing to ensure that your unit’s performance is as efficient and powerful as possible. Our team will come to check energy efficiency, upgrade, clean, balance and keep up to date with filtration changes.

BSP, Installation, Design + Maintenance Contractor Exeter, Devon

Air Conditioning Repair

It’s no secret that air conditioning maintenance is absolutely essential for the efficiency and general well being of your system. This is why we cover all aspects of air conditioning repair and maintenance from basic tests and inspections to scheduled preventative maintenance.

BSP, Installation, Design + Maintenance Contractor Exeter, Devon

Air-conditioning Installations & Ideas

Our goal here at BSP is to not only provide our customers with fantastically designed and installed air conditioning systems, but also to help you will all your ventilation and electrical requirements with minimum fuss. We aim to make sure your air conditioning installation is executed in the most affordable, cost effective and energy efficient way as possible.

Our contractor services are personal, dedicated and offer brilliant after sales services such as providing air conditioning maintenance, repair and servicing along with manufacturers 3 to 5 year warranties as standard!

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